Vision, Mission & Purposes

Using academics and professionalism to drive excellent initiatives that can change lives and bring global peace and development.

Bringing together the vast potentials of professionals in the globe to promote excellence through quality education, advanced research, good leadership and business ethics aimed at sustainable political, socio-economic, and scientific growth of the world.


WAAD is mandated to
1 Change lives through great initiatives.
2 Promote quality education and research.
3 Encourage excellence and professionalism.
4 Pilot initiatives from members, collaborators, and volunteers to achieve success.
5 Advance physical, social, and philosophic well-being of mankind worldwide.
6 Provide opportunities through cooperation and interaction of like minds.
7 Foster networking, cooperation and communication among members.
8 Interface with international colleagues and chance to exchange ideas.
9 Identify and embark on priority research needs for a better society.
10 Ensure research ethics compliance.
11 Encourage evidence based policy.
12 Promote good leadership and business ethics.
13 Collaborate with International and Regional institutions (World Bank, United Nations, IMF, USAID, DFID, African Development Bank, ECOWAS, etc) through consultancy.
14 Empower the developing nations.
15 Fund research through grants.
16 Produce periodic journals in various fields of study.
17 Promote world congress and regional conferences on topical global issues.
18 Compile and publish WAAD conference papers for knowledge dissemination.
19 Work with national governments on policy issues.
20 Serve as think tank to diverse groups; International, government and non-government organizations.
21 Engage in any other activities considered under federal and state law that is in consistent with the mission and purposes of the Association.