About WAAD Membership

World Association for Academic Doctors (WAAD) membership is open to any person who has graduated from accredited university with doctorate degree and interested in the fulfilment of the purposes of the Association and ready to abide by its constitution, bye-laws and code of conduct. The Governing Council officially grants this membership. Other corporation and research centers may be affiliated to the Association by the decision of the Governing Council.

Categories of Membership
Categories of membership are: Individual (Regular & Affiliate) and Corporate.

  • Regular Membership +
  • Affiliate Membership +
  • Corporate Membership +

WAAD Chapters

WAAD conducts its activities and events globally and regionally. The 10 regions are Africa, Asia, Central America, Eastern Europe, European Union, Middle East, North America, Ocenia, South America, and the Carribbean. Once a new member application is approved, the member will be assigned to a regional/local chapter. This means that the member can participate locally and globally on all WAAD and regional activities and events.