• Finance Committee

    The Finance Committee shall review and make recommendations on all financial related matter. It is the responsibility of the committee to review yearly budget. The committee also review audit scope and approach, monitor issues raised during the audit, ensure compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, and monitor major financial risk exposures and steps taken to control such exposures.

  • Election Committee

    The Election Committee shall be responsible for the conduct of elections by voting Members of the Association, determine the results of all such elections, and certify the outcome of the elections to the Governing Council.

  • Advocacy Committee

    The Advocacy Committee explores all advocacy and policy issues relating to and affecting education and leadership in the global community. Joining the Advocacy Committee is a great way to learn about the policies that affect our respective communities and organizations across the country. Please contact the Chair or Vice-Chair of the Advocacy Committee regarding joining this committee.

  • Compliance & Ethics Committee

    The Compliance & Ethics Committee explores current approaches to moral, ethics, and codes of conduct to promote best practices in these areas. Areas of interest include professional and business ethics, regulatory issues, governance, and risk assessment and mitigation.

  • Communication Committee

    The Communication Committee shall make recommendations on information services and publicity. The committee shall identify ways to promote awareness and maintain strong network among members.

  • Education Committee

    The Education Committee has responsibility for developing programs for the association’s continuing professional education program and target beneficiaries programs. The committee’s tasks also include: developing and delivering continuing professional education programs and products, identifying, promoting, implementing and evaluating research, development and innovations in continuing professional education, conferences, and workshops.

  • Membership Committee

    The Membership Committee is responsible for the oversight of membership recruitment and retention activities for the association. The committee shall oversee the membership related issues and welfare of all members. The committee ensures strong membership is established across all regions.

  • Ethics Committee
    The Ethics Committee shall have the responsibility of maintaining law and order with the association. The committee shall receive, initiate and investigate complaints of unethical conduct of regular members, ABD members, and corporate members. Report on types of cases investigated with specific description. Dismiss or recommend action on ethical cases investigated. Resolve cases by agreement where appropriate. Formulate rules or principles of ethics for adoption by the association. Formulate rules and procedures governing the conduct of the ethics or disciplinary process for approval by the Governing Council. Interpret, apply and otherwise administer those rules and procedures.