WAAD administers several Award and Scholarship Programs

WAAD Leadership Excellence Award

The WAAD Leadership Excellence Award was developed to recognize and spotlight outstanding leadership from leaders across the world and various organizations and institutions. The award recognizes the role that leaders play in building and sustaining successful organizations by executing their fiduciary and leadership responsibilities, assuring that they are well led, well supported and responsive to the people and communities they serve.

WAAD Distinctive Teacher Award

The WAAD Distinctive Teacher Award was developed to recognize teachers that are passionate about the idea of turning lives around positively. This award honors teachers’ who have made extraordinary contributions to the advancement of science, technology, engineering, and math in a formal school setting. To be eligible for this award, the teacher must be nominated by his or her school administration with proof of accomplishments.

WAAD Founder Scholarship

WAAD Founder Scholarship is named in recognition of the person who founded WAAD. She created an educational opportunity that has enriched lives. The backbone of this scholarship is to promote success, service, and citizenship at all levels of education. WAAD Founder Scholarship honors the visionary that established this organization. This scholarship is awarded bi-annually to scholars who demonstrate excellence in academics and financial need to pursue further study at the collegiate level beyond high school graduation.