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Peer Reviewers:

The board of peer reviewers contributes to the quality of the International Journal of Leadership, Education, and Business Studies (IJLEBS). They scrutinize the manuscripts submitted and provide constructive feedback to the authors. We always welcome people interested in becoming a reviewer for the IJLEBS. The journal relies on its peer reviewers to maintain high quality research and scholarship. Members of the peer review board helps to ensure that the journal makes an expeditious response to all journal submissions. As the journal expands, there is a marked expansion in the range of research areas for submitted articles.

Peer Reviewer Operation:

The peer reviewer is a way for academic professionals to become involved in the ongoing success of a journal. Members of the peer review board have the role of assessing and reviewing individual papers submitted to the journal. They operate as a virtual entity and will not have face-to-face meetings. Applicants should be able to demonstrate evidence of publication in a peer reviewed journal and must also demonstrate that they have peer reviewed in the past. The peer reviewer will be willing to commit to review about 1-3 papers a year for the journal. Peer reviewer recruitment is on-going and applicants can apply anytime within the year.

Reason to Join a Peer Review Board:

Being a member of the peer review board offers you the opportunity to professionally affiliate with International Journal of Leadership, Education, and Business Studies. It is also an excellent way to make your own contributions to the continued successful running and the future of the IJLEBS. To acknowledge the valuable contributions made to the journal by members of the peer review board, the names of the peer reviewers will be publicly recognized and displayed on the corresponding IJLEBS annual version. The peer reviewers will also be listed IJLEBS website.


Application to join the peer review board is open to variety of doctorate academicians and professionals. Preference will be given to those whose expertise is in demand by the journal. This variety will be expressed both in terms of research interests and in terms of the career stages of those involved. To join the peer review board of IJLEBS, please complete the online application form below:

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