Here are answers to frequently asked questions about WAAD membership. If you don’t find the answer to your question, email us at membership@wafad.org

What is WAAD?

The World Association for Academic Doctors (WAAD) is a global association of academic doctors who seek to foster cooperation and communication among professionals, improve educational standards, promote professionalism in academia, and advance research on the principles and practice of education at all level.

Who belongs to WAAD?

WAAD’s membership includes a diverse mix of female and male doctorate degree holders around the world, all but dissertation students, and non-profit corporate organizations that share similar vision and mission as WAAD.

How does membership work?

When you join WAAD, you become a member of the global organization and your local chapter. You can also join any or all of WAAD’s committees; simply indicate your selections on the application form.

What is the application fee?

The application fee is a onetime fee payable my new members. Individual regular membership one time registration fee is US$500, all but dissertation doctoral candidates’ one time registration fee is US$250, and corporate membership registration is US$1000.

What are the annual membership renewal dues?

The Individual members pay $100 USD per year to renew membership.

Do I have to have a sponsor to join WAAD?

No. WAAD welcomes all new members with or without a sponsor. However, new members undergo screening process before application is approved. Non accepted application will receive 100% new application fee refund. Members are encouraged to share the benefits of being a WAAD member by recommending membership to their peers.

What’s the length of my membership term?

One year from date of joining. Upon renewal, we pro-rate dues to move members into a calendar year renewal cycle.

When I join WAAD, will I be enrolled in my local chapter automatically?

Yes. You are automatically assigned to a regional chapter based on your location. You cannot join your regional chapter without first joining WAAD. We encourage you to participate at the regional level, as all regional chapters offer an array of valuable professional development and networking opportunities.

How do I locate the regional chapter in my area?

Visit our Chapters page to learn more about the chapter in your area, including chapter leadership, and to find out about upcoming educational and social events.

Can I transfer from one chapter to another if I move?

Yes. Simply update your record by emailing membership@wafad.org and we’ll automatically assign you to the regional chapter in your new location.

Can I join more than one chapter?

No, but you are welcome to visit the other chapter pages and view upcoming programs and chapter newsletters.

If I leave my organization, will my representative membership go with me?

Membership in WAAD is individual and portable, as long as you continue to meet WAAD’s eligibility requirements. If you leave your company or if your company paid for the membership, your membership can be terminated and WAAD may transfer your membership to your successor or new company representative.

Still have questions?
Please email us at membership@wafad.org